Our Adams custom series offers many specific models as well as some personal variations. Here are a few of the additional customisations we can offer. Please ask Neil at Fultone Brass about all these available options.


We are pleased to offer this as a custom option for our clients (only in Trumpet and Flugelhorn).



Anything from your name to a complete custom made design is possible now for your instrument.

Multi-Colour Inlays

We have a large stock of different materials, if you wanted to customise your valve buttons.


4th Valve

This additional option is available on our custom trumpets and flugelhorns extending their bottom range.

Multi-Coloured Inlay Options

Please note: These inlays are naturally occurring materials and appearance may differ slightly from the example.

Fultone Brass - Adams - Multi Coloured Inlay Options - Wood and Abalone
Fultone Brass - Adams - Multi Coloured Inlay Options - Mother of Pearl